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The Jackson Day Tripper

Designed to do what your canoe should do without fear, the DayTripper is a hybrid of a canoe and kayak. Its open deck allows for transport of you and a child or dog comfortably. You also have room for loads of gear behind the seat. The DayTripper is designed to trek open waters and rivers with the speed and stability of a kayak. Unlike a canoe, its proven plastic construction allows you to abuse this hardworking boat to the max making it the ultimate family craft and support boat… we like to call it “The Pick Up or SUV of Kayaks”. Load up your coolers, kids and dogs!

The Jackson Riviera

Quite possibly the simplest to use kayak on the market, the Rivera was inspired by a group of outfitters who wanted a kayak that was very stable, easy to paddle, comfortable, required no maintenance, and fit paddlers of almost any size. These same features make the Riviera just the ticket for those who want an easy to use, hassle free kayak for cruising, fishing, or just having fun on the water.

The Jackson Rivi T

The tandem version of our Riviera, the Rivi-T allows two the same fun on water.  Built to last, the Rivi-T is one tough kayak and perfect for liveries and resorts as well as cottage and lake fun.


Prefer to float the river in a tube? We got you covered. Our tubes are double chambered with the largest reserve chambers available.  Extra heavy duty handles placed at 3 & 9 o’clock for floating.  One cup holder per tube.


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